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Get more traffic and earn

So, i recently started using Plugz.co on some of my websites and i'm very impressed with the results. It's much better than adsense, bacause you additionally recieve traffic! The way the ad network works is by placing related ads (widget)  on your website and in exchange you supply them with plugs to your website. These ads placed on your sidebar for example looks like related posts (you can fully customize your widget). Here is example:

 I’ve only been using it for a week and at first I wasn’t getting much traffic at all but once it was on for a couple of days my traffic has picked up and my other ads on my sites are preforming better too. In one weeks time, I have sent out 1322 visitors to similar sites to mine and I have received back 2283 visitors. 


That’s a 172.69% return on traffic! On top of that my sites have made $1.02 just on the Plugz network. I know that isn’t alot of money, but I’m not using them to make money. I’m just using the network to boost traffic for free! With the wordpress plugin they have in the wordpress plugins section , it’s super easy to start using. 

In fact, you can bet there’s a reason why mainstream media (CNN’s website, The New York Times, etc.) has utilized similar widgets on their respective websites. And you know why? Because these widgets work. When your ads are what people want to see most, they work the best. When your ad is something visitors actually want to see, it almost doesn’t feel like an ad to them.

This plugin works with blogs in any niche. So SIGN UP here, add your website in the dashboard:

Then download PLUGZ plugin and install it on your wordpress blog. If you have non wordpress site, don't worry, you can use html code to install widget. Now go back to pluz.co

NOTE: Remember to create plugs (your ads) to display on other websites. Just choose "Plugs" from left sidebar menu:

Click widget, add picture for thumbnail, write an interesting title, add your keywords and save. Remember to change this option in order to earn from your traffic:

 Now you have your first ad. You can add more and test which picture gets more clicks. Good luck.

Earn 90% from your investment

 Binary options became very popular way of earning online lately. You can earn 90% of your investmnt. 

What Are Binary Options?

Binary options trading is a new investment venture that anyone can use to easily profit from the price movements of a wide range of dynamic stocks, indices, currency pairs and commodities. The major reason why trading binary options has become so popular as quickly as it has is because option traders only have to make one of two possible trading decisions when placing a trade – Yes or No. This dual choice is what gives this type of trading its name, and is also why most binary trades are referred to as ‘Call or Put’ trades.
As a trader, you are not required to purchase the actual asset; for example, if you are placing a trade based on the future value of gold, you only decide whether the price of gold will rise or fall in a specified time period and you simply put money on your prediction without having to buy physical gold bullion.

Types of Binary Options

In its simplest form, binary options trading is a pure “Call/Put” wager, also known as a “High/Low” trade. However, there are other binary options flavors as well, such as the so-called “Touch / No Touch” options which can be used by more advanced traders to take advantage of typical ranging and trending behaviors of the market prices of the various assets traded. In these advanced modes of binary trading, the trader gains a competitive edge by reading and analyzing indicators and charts before making a trading decision.

What Is A Put Binary Option?

A Put binary option is placed whenever you expect that the price of the asset or commodity you choose to wager on will be lower by the end of a particular trading period. If this happens, and the asset price does move lower, you win the trade and receive a predefined payout as a profit.

 What Is A Call Binary Option?

If you choose to place a Call option, it is in the hope that when the trading period comes to a close, the price of the asset you will have chosen, will have risen higher than its starting price. If the price rises, you then earn a profit that is predetermined at the beginning of the trading period. In effect, this makes the Call option the opposite of the Put option.

Example of a Call / Put Trade

In this simple example of a High / Low trade or a Call/Put trade, the amount you could potentially earn by making a correct prediction on the price of oil rising within one hour is 90% of your investment. If you place $100 on your position (a Call option) and the price does rise according to your prediction, you would then win $90 in addition to getting your initial $100 back (total $190). If you lose, and the option has a 10% out of the money refund, you receive $10 but lose your initial investment.

What is the best binary options broker with paypal deposit?

 Finpari is a relatively new broker, established in 2014, who has managed to create a great platform for many traders who have recognized its potential in really short time. This new broker offers a great variety of trading assets, but also an amazing educational center that is useful as well. The broker is very popular in the US, Europe and Asia.


Finpari offers more than 100 assets including stocks, currency pairs, commodities and indices. Every day, Finpari processes over 10,000 transactions and they accept traders from the USA as well as payment via paypal. Paypal binary options brokers are pretty rare and Finpari is the best paypal friendly broker.

The broker is powered by SpotOption and offers secure trading, 1 hour withdrawals and mobile trading. This also means that the broker is compatible with many signal providers. Finpari is also one of the few brokers that integrated ZuluTrade, where you can get signals from thousands of other traders. The ‘follow the trader’ feature allows you to trade based on the style of the most successful traders. There are over 10,000 trading signals from traders around the world.

Finpari if powered but the SpotOption 2.0 platform. This trading platform is available as a web based platform and mobile users can download the finpari app to trade on their smartphones. You can use the chart to learn about the price movement of a specific asset within a selected period. The payout rate is listed clearly on the right side of the platform. Finpari offers returns up to 90%, which is one of the highest in the industry.
Finpari will return 10% of guaranteed monthly income for traders who open the fixed income account and they offer all kinds of options contracts including:

  •     standard options
  •     short term
  •     long term
  •     one touch
  •     ladder

There are many expiry time frames to choose from including:

  •     60 seconds
  •     30 minutes
  •     1/2/4/8 or 12 hours
  •     end of day
  •     weekly
  •     monthly
The mobile platform can be used to trade regular binary options, short term and one touch options. You can easily view your trading history through your account. The mobile platform features live charts, and instant trade execution.

Initially, this binary options broker started out focusing on Russian and Asian customers that are from Russia and Asia but it later expands into other countries. USA customers are welcome!

Finpari Trading Accounts

Finpari offers several types of trading accounts including:

    Bronze Trader Account: The Bronze account is for traders who want to deposit in between $250 – $1000. With Bronze account, you can get a 20% welcome bonus.
    Silver Trader Account: The Silver account has a minimum deposit requirement of $1000 – $3000. The Silver account offers a 50% welcome bonus.
    Gold Trader Account: Gold account requires a minimum deposit of between $3000 – $50,000. The Gold account offers 100% welcome bonuses for customers. The maximum limit for the bonus is $100,000.

Both Silver and Gold accounts feature master class courses and and unique deposit bonuses. Gold account users have the most benefits as well as an individual account manager.

Demo account is available for all account types. The demo account requires you to deposit at least $250. It is very easy to use the demo account to test different trading strategies. When opening an account, you can choose from two types of currencies: EUR and USD.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Traders can deposit or withdraw funds from their accounts through several methods including:

  •     Credit/debit card
  •     Paypal
  •     WebMoney
  •     Qiwi Wallet
  •     OKPay
  •     Perfect Money
  •     Bank wire
  •     Neteller
  •     Bitcoin

Is Finpari a legit broker?

As you can see in this review, Finpari is great binary options broker that offers a reliable trading environment as well as unique features like Paypal deposits, integrated ZuluTrade and high returns of up to 90%.

This broker managed to attract a large number of traders in a short time because it offers many advantages over other brokers. In addition, it has a responsive customer support team that will respond to customers’ request within a short time frame. There is really no reason why you shouldn’t give Finpari a try. USA customers are welcome! You can try demo account without any risk and learn how to trade on Finpari.

Re-sell and earn

In this article i will show you simple method to earn additional money on your website. It’s simple re-selling. If your blog is about SEO for example you can offer SEO services to your visitors, for example backlinks.
Register at SEOclerks - this is huge seo marketplace. You can buy here anything related to SEO - content writing, apps coding, backlinks, software, translating to any language, video testimonials, graphic design, social signals and many more.
Now write a post on your blog offering services related to your niche, create paypal’s order button and wait for orders. In this example - backlinks buyers. If somebody orders service on your website, just go to seoclerks, buy cheaper and provide your customer’s details to seocleks seller. Your price for your visitors will be bigger of course. You can make $2-20 profit from one single sale, because SEOclerks is cheaper than other similar services like fiverr, you can find even $1 gigs there.

Other examples of reselling:
  •  Own website about social media - you can offer facebook, youtube, twitter, instagram likes, shares, views.
  •   Own website for music creators - you can offer soundcloud plays
  •   Own website about app coding - offer android app installs, you can find many gigs offering installs on seoclreks for cheap
  •   Own website about graphic design - offer banners, headers, website design
If you have fiverr account you can list many seo related offers for $5 and if someone buys just go to Seoclerks find the same offer cheaper and provide to your customer. Easy money! Just watch me finding cheaper offers:

How to go viral?

How to make your website go viral?
Many of webmasters complain because of low amount of targeted traffic on their websites. In this article i will show you my method to get more visitors.
If you are sharing something interesting on your page it can go viral. But how to start the snowball rolling? This is main problem - initial boost for your website. I recommend you very useful online tool - Socialmaximizer

Social Bookmarking has become one of the most important methods to getting traffic to your site. In Social Bookmarking, they bookmark your site with 116 bookmarking sites including all the major bookmarking sites like Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Delicious etc. Once submitted, these bookmarks can be viewed and shared by others.
You can submit a particular web page, article or blog post from your domain to the various social bookmarking sites. As more and more people view & share your bookmark, your site gets increased exposure and traffic.
After submitting a website or post traffic increases in no time, every interesting content goes viral, just take a look on my blog’s stats:


Create unlimited content and sell it

WORDAI is first multi-languages article spinner that actually understands that words have different meanings, for you as customer that means that you will be able to create human readable articles with single click of your mouse.
With WordAI you can easily create and spin articles in these languages: English, Spanish, French and Italian which makes WordAI one of the best article spinners available (according to SEO and marketing forums it is the best article spinner out there.)
WordAi Automatically Rewrites Entire Sentences and Paragraphs
Unlike other spinners, WordAi fully understands what each word content means. It doesn’t view sentences as just a list of words, it views them as real things that interact with each other. This human like understanding allows WordAI to automatically rewrite entire sentences from scratch. This high level of rewriting ensures that Google and Copyscape can’t detect your content while still remaining human readable!
Original Sentence: Nobody has been arrested by the police officers, but the suspect is being interrogated by them.
Automatic Rewrite: Law enforcement are interrogating the defendant, although they have not detained anybody.
  •    WordAi not only understands what each word means, but also how each word interacts with each other
  •    It looks for possible ways to rewrite your article based on what the article truly means
  •    WordAi will often completely rewrite sentences so they share nothing in common with the original sentence
  •    This means your article is unique and can’t be detected by Google as spun content!
WordAI Features:
  •    WordAI is the first foreign language article spinner.
  •    Create human readable content with single click.
  •    Money back guarantee for your WordAI investment.
  •    WordAI offers 3 days trial membership.
  •    You can cancel your subscription anytime you want.
  •    You can try WordAI for just $49.95 per month.
  •    Professional support by Alex (creator of WordAI article spinner).
  •    Also option to purchase one year licence and get discount.
  •    WordAI is accessible just with your browser, no need to download anything.
WordAi Review & Pricing Plans
There are two pricing plans that you can sign up for – standard plan and turing plan. Let’s be honest, turing plan will allow you to “fire your writers”, because you will able to create extremely readable articles that you can also sell. Turing plan costs 50 dollars per month and standard plan costs 20 dollars per month, but in standard plan you won't be able to create so extremely readable articles.
Make money with WordAI
You can also make money using Wordai - selling content on SEOclerks for example. Just list your gig offering unique articles and you can earn some extra cash! Just search on seoclerks for 2 x 250 words article - it cost around $5-$15. This tool can pay itself fast.

Reduce your bounce rate, rank higher in google

Zero Bounce is a simple but very clever little WP plugin designed to help you reduce or even eliminate bounce rate in Google Analytics. What is bounce rate? When people find your site in google, they visit it, don't find any interesting things and immediately click back button to google's search results to continue searching. This is high bounce rate. In google's eyes your blog is low quality and your rank will be low.

Is Reducing Bounce Rate Important?
Yes absolutely, for SEO purposes for sure, it is said that the higher your bounce rate the further down the search results your posts and pages will end up, so having reasonably low bounce rate is important for improving your rankings naturally, but asides the search engine factor, wouldn’t it be great to give your new visitors an opportunity to take something away from your website, I mean having them leave empty handed is a potential loss right? Well you can with this amazing little plugin in force.
I suppose you could argue that if someone clearly wasn’t interested in your website or your content, and they bounced off, then surely you shouldn’t force them to stay right?
I completely agree, however there is still the opportunity to let them go away from your website with something valuable, and I’ll explain how you can do that using this plugin later on in the post.

How does the Zero Bounce plugin work?
OK once you have the 0 Bounce plugin installed and have added your license key, imagine someone visits your blog from maybe doing a search in Google, and they land on one of your posts or your pages.
Now usually, if they decide to click the ‘back button’ for any reason, maybe because the page didn’t contain the information they needed, instead of them bouncing back to the search results they came from, you can decide which page they land on instead, in other words you can redirect them to a specific page.
This could be an external page or even a website such as Amazon with your Amazon affiliate link. This could also be your Facebook business page, or another page within your website which you feel might be useful for your uninterested visitors, such as an e-mail landing page or a customised page created just for your bounced visitors. You can also redirect by geo location, again this could be very useful if you wanted to create custom pages, sign-up forms or offers on your site targeted at those geolocated visitors.

Zero Bounce plugin usage examples:
  • Get search engine rankings boost by lowering your overall bounce rate.
  • Redirect lost traffic to special coupon pages or discount
  • Use ZeroBounce to help you increase email opt-in conversions.
  • Redirect visitors to products and services you promote as an affiliate to increase earnings, redirect from your individual review posts, redirect them to your own product pages.
  • Redirect visitors to your ‘AdSense for Search’ page and boost your AdSense for Search earnings.
  • Create custom pages with offers, videos specially for your bounced traffic or visitors and redirect them there, plus much more, I’m sure you can think of a few ideas to use this plugin.
[Method] Earn money with ebay/amazon affiliate program
You can use this plugin to earn extra cash from ebay/amazon affiliate program. Their affiliate cookie duration is 24 hours. Set your affiliate url in 0 bounce plugin. When visitors click back button they will be redirected to your affiiate link. Cookie is dropped on their machines. If your website is about games you can redirect them to amazon games for example.
Now when their buy something on amazon in next 24h you will earn commision. Milions of people worldwide use amazon/ebay everyday, especially before christmas, valentine's day, black friday and other special days.
Don't waste bounce traffic from your blog and make additional money.

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Monetize your adult traffic

Do you own website or blog with adult content?

You can monetize it with best converting adult affiliate network - Crakrevenue
It converts very good especially with tumblr NSFW blogs. Crakrevenue has many pay per lead offers from dating, cams and porn sites. You can promote them on your website and get paid $2-$3 per free sign up!

Adult cam chats are my favorite offers to promote, they pay $2,5 per sign up. Don't waste your traffic, sign up now!